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Aspects of George Bernard Shaw

Aspects of George Bernard Shaw

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Length 54 mins
Year 1967
Code: CAT-Asp

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The celebrated director-actress Margaret Webster (1905-1972) presents her insights into the great Irish playwright G. B. Shaw (1856-1950). This one-woman show illustrates aspects of the many-sided Shaw: his humor, his irascibility, Shaw the lover and social reformer, and -- through his letters to Sister Lorenzia at the end of his life -- Shaw as religious thinker. Miss Webster presents excerpts from several of his works: "Caesar and Cleopatra," "Man and Superman", "Major Barbara", "Pygmalion," "Candida" and "Mrs. Warren's Profession."

The program also sets the scene of Shaw's life with photographs of British Victorian theater and fashionable people of the time. Webster was born into the theater as the daughter of two distinquished players: Ben Webster and Dame May Whitty. Her reminiscences and ideas are explored in her book" Shakespeare Without Tears." Black and White

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